Monday, January 21, 2013

How-To: Stop that annoying ding in your vehicle. (Part Two)

     Earlier, I showed you how to remove the buzzer/indicator from your late '99 to 2002 General Motors fullsize pickup or SUV. This post will show you how to replace it with a LED.

     My first step was to remove the housing of the BCM with it still plugged in. This allowed me to test the voltage supplied to the buzzer. This variable needs to be known in order to choose a resistor, if needed. In our case, one is needed. The voltage powering the buzzer is between 9 and 12 volts. That is more than enough to ruin a LED. 

This photo shows the BCM connected to the vehicle with the housing removed.

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      Next, solder a piece of wire to each connection on the board. I chose to use small gauge speaker wire, because I had a spoil left from another project.

These images show the speaker wire soldered to the PCB.

      Cut a small hole in the housing for the wiring.

     I don't have anymore pictures of the project so here are the basics:
          a) Re-install the BCM.
          b) Run the wire to the desired location of the LED. I put mine up by the sun visor.
          c) Use to determine what resistor you will need.
          d) Solder the resistor and LED to the end of the wire.
          f) Finish up by hiding any showing wires.

     Here is a video of my completed install:
The yellow LED located at the top driver's side of the windshield is my new buzzer/indicator.