Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Overkill

     So, I set out to convert an old, unused ATX power supply into a workbench power supply. This. After receiving the binding posts in the mail, I went out to the shop and attempted to drill holes in the stock case. 


     Thinking logically, I removed all components and started drilling in the case itself. Otherwise, cuttings would most likely result in a short and a complete waste of my time.  Anyone that has ever handled a PSU knows that they aren't manufactured from the strongest steel in the world. They're much weaker when disassembled. There are no pictures of the beginning of the project, because the factory housing has been taken away by a large, green, smelly truck. Drilling a large diameter hole in a very thin, weak alloy doesn't work too well without adding some supports to the front and/or rear of said metal. The drill bit twisted the metal into a cone shaped piece of shit in a matter of seconds. I was pretty angry so it was tossed in the trash. Enter 1/8" steel:

To be continued...